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Web & App Development

Digital technologies are changing the future at a rapid pace; take control of technology and become a digital creator in Web & App Development!  Explore the best of the worlds of Web Development and App Design as you create your own apps and websites!

Along the way, we will learn about coding and programming, quality design, user experience and user interface, as well as marketing and testing.

Each season focuses on a new design challenge for students to explore! Check out the descriptions below for each season to learn more!

Ready to get started? Check out what you’ll be working on each week!
Web & App Development Beginner Road Map

Program Details

Location: EdTech Hive @ STEM Minds Markham – 75 Waterbridge Lane, Markham

We are located in the same building as St. Matthew CES. Please use our private entrance to access our facilities. 

Ages: 8-14

Dates & Times: 


**Please note a minimum enrollment of 5 students is required to run the program. Otherwise, EdTech Hive reserves the right to cancel the program and provide full refund**

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Additional information

Web & App Development (2020)

Winter 2020 [Mondays from 5:30 – 7:00], Spring 2020 [Thursdays from 5:30 – 7:00]