EdTech Hive

Hive is skill-building edtech innovation center designed by teachers for teachers to help students develop as globally competent learners preparing them for success today, and in the future. Hives are dynamic ecosystems focused in the Educational Technology sector located inside a K-12 school facility. Today Hives are being integrated in districts in Ontario to create unique learning opportunities for K-12 teachers and students.

What We Offer

Problems We Solve

  • Revitalize and repurpose under utilized space
  • Prepare teachers with the necessary skills and competencies to educate modern learners affordably and efficiently
  • Engage students in curriculum-based experiential learning opportunities that inspire and sustain student inquiry and develop global competencies
  • Provide students with a range of digital technologies at a 1:1 ratio to support modern learning needs
  • Provide parents with affordable educational program opportunities in the form of after-school care for their children
  • Outsource meaningful community partnerships for K-12 districts

Hive Technology Labs

Hive Technology Labs are designed for K-12 modern learners and they are a key component of our innovation centers. Hive technology labs provide a consistent dedicated learning space for teachers and students which can also be used as a field trip site for schools.


Hive is designed as a flexible learning environment outfitted with furniture custom designed for modern learning with technology. We have developed one of the most complete Maker, collaborative and adaptive STEM specific furniture line. We studied children’s learning habits and built a framework around the equipment they use for building and making.


Hive technology labs are creating new opportunities for inquiry-based learning, evolving mindsets, shifting culture, and creating a new professional learning ecosystem designed for teachers and students. Technology is provided to learners at a 1:1 ratio and includes, but is not limited to laptops, tablets, circuits, micro controllers, robots, a 3D printer and laser cutters.

Programs, Workshops and Camps


STEM & maker workshops, global competencies, modern pedagogies and more for primary, junior, and intermediate students.

Professional Development

Personalized, hands-on professional learning for teachers.

Field Trips

Technology-based workshops for all ages!


March break and summer camps available. Dive into the world of STEM, exploring a different skill each day.

Stem Nights

Learn how we can help you organize and exciting event for your school community.

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