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EdTechHive (Hive) is a joint venture between Stem Minds, located in Aurora Ontario and Digital Active Point Inc., located in St. Catharines Ontario. Hives are dynamic ecosystems focused in the Educational Technology sector located inside a K-12 school facility.

Our vision is to create a collaborative innovation ecosystem by connecting business and education to grow prosperous communities.

Our mission is to enrich people’s lives through partnerships, programs and services that inform, ​enhance and innovate the modern educational experience to develop globally competent learners and foster local economic development and growth.

Our unique value proposition: We help school boards, educators, and students fulfill their passions while enhancing and innovating the modern educational experience to prepare students for success today, and in the future. Unlike other educational companies who offer educational programs, we collaborate with districts to create a modern educational ecosystem that integrates technology-rich hands-on educational programming, with community partnership opportunities, technical training, consulting services, educational products and services, as well as edtech business relationships in ways that reinvest in our schools for the future.


Press Release: 

New EdTech Hive Initiative Brings STEM Programming to Schools to build bridges for higher education and jobs of tomorrow

STEM Minds and Digital Active Point are proud to announce EdTech Hive, an innovative joint venture that will bring cutting-edge science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programming to under-utilized school spaces with bridges to academia and business partnerships.

EdTech Hive is an evolution of a proof of concept realized through the the Spark Innovation and Educational Center, Inc. This venture, created by Dino Miele, has resulted in increased interest in STEAM, coding and entrepreneurship by the K-12 sector and the community alike.

STEM MINDS™ has built its credibility in K-12 content creation space and delivering the best STEM programs to children, specific to their needs both in schools and through a blended learning online academy. “Every child should have the right to access the best in global STEM programs, to learn and be inspired. We do that by delivering personalized experiences of #Fearless Learning! We will nurture the next generation of problem solvers, game changers and fearless leaders.” says Anu Bidani, CEO and Founder of Stem Minds Corp.

Growing Communities of Excellence

“The purpose of our venture is to unite business and education, with the aim of growing prosperous K-12 communities of excellence,” says Anu Bidani. “The programs will be offered during school hours, after school programs, PA days, camps and more. This will provide parents with various programming options for their children within the school ecosystem.” Each EdTech Hive will be equipped with a state-of-the-art technology lab to ignite the passion of youth. Joint events with community academic institutions will allow students to participate in hackathons, maker fairs and many other community events.

Exploring Jobs of Tomorrow

EdTech Hive also brings together a cutting-edge blended learning online platform – SMOA, that includes gamification, virtual reality experiences, artificial intelligence and personalized learning with over 15 courses and a planned roadmap to offer high school accredited courses. Programming is available to students through the EdTech Hive and allows them to build skills for the jobs of tomorrow through hands-on experience in the classroom.

“This venture incorporates community partnership opportunities, technical training, consulting services, educational products and services, as well as EdTech business relationships, in ways that reinvest in our schools for the future,” says Dino Miele, CEO and Founder of Digital Active Point (DAP) Inc.

Helping Students Develop in STEM

EdTech Hive programming is designed by teachers for teachers and aims to help students develop as globally competent learners, particularly in the STEM fields. These programs will make quality STEM content readily accessible, cost effective, and easy to implement in class and online. This will give school boards, educators, and students the chance to fulfill their passions, while enhancing the educational experience in a way that prepares them for success.

“Our hands-on, holistic approach to STEM education with original, future-ready content will build critical 21st century digital skills for the jobs of tomorrow, enable schools to become flourishing hubs of student engagement, and produce the next generation of fearless learners,” says Anu Bidani.

About STEM Minds

STEM MINDS is on a mission to transform the education system by empowering K-12 teachers and students to explore the world of STEM through in-class programs at schools and at their learning innovation center in Aurora as well as an online learning academy – SMOA. Developed by certified teachers and STEM experts, their programs, whether in class or online makes quality STEM content easily accessible, cost effective, and easy to implement. The goal of the company is to inspire youth, develop their skills, and prepare them to become the next generation of leaders, game changers, and problem solvers. Their team is dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized experiences targeted to individual learning needs and interests to engage youth and promote their growth. Stem Minds mission is to ensure all youth have access to the best in STEM so they can discover their passions, reach their goals and dreams, and be a part of a new generation of #fearlesslearning!

For more information, please visit http://stemminds.com

About Digital Active Point Inc.  

Founded by community-minded Innovator, Dino Miele, Digital Active Point is the formalization of a diverse range of subsidiaries in the educational innovation space including: CONNECT Education Conference (Canada’s largest education and technology conference), Spark Niagara (A collaborative multi-sector workspace with in-suite professional services for emerging companies) and Accel North (Niagara region’s first private business accelerator).  Located in downtown St. Catharines, Digital Active Point provides a modern coworking space to members, who range from early-stage to established start-ups. The company bridges the gap between start-ups, corporates, cities, foundations, K-12 schools, colleges and universities to incubate and accelerate deep tech innovation.

For more information, please visit [Digital Active Point] website.


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